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Miniconomy has existed since 2001 and since then tens of thousands of players, mostly younger people, have signed up. It is now also possible to play Miniconomy in a class situation because next to the game being fun, it is also educational. The game is a good addition to Social Studies and Economics subjects, but could also be a good addition for the subjects English and Computers and Technology.

Taking part in Miniconomy as a class has advantages for you and your teacher. You get to play an online game during class (and you even get a grade for it!), and your teacher gets the possibility to track your performance through a balance sheet and an income statement.
Time then to tell your teacher about Miniconomy...

Tell your teacher

You can tell your teacher about Miniconomy in different ways. You can give him or her the link of Miniconomy when you know that your teacher uses the internet at home, because he or she will find all relevant information about the game there. You can especially point out to your teacher that he or she can take a closer look at the game by logging in on the guest account.

Is your teacher not a hero when it comes to internet, then you could tell him or her all the most important information, or help your teacher get the information from the website one day.

And then?

If your teacher decides to sign your class up for Miniconomy, you will receive a group code. You fill in this code at the registration page, and then you wait until the new round starts...

My teacher is not convinced yet

Is your teacher not yet convinced after pointing Miniconomy out to him or her? Have them contact us through the e-mailaddress you find under Information.

The round is open! Join now!